Zeb VR – Enter the world of Virtual Reality

It was everyone’s childhood dream after watching a sci-fi movie to get into such world to fight with aliens, to escape from chasing dinosaurs. Sitting back and watching 3D movies in those times was not possible.But now technology has made it very easy and convenient.The virtual reality made it possible for you to take a tour of the universe with virtual reality headset and apps on your smartphone.

What is VR?

Technology as taken a bigger step towards virtual world. Virtual reality is simulated world/reality made more immersive with 3D. It takes you in the world of fantasy. The VR works in 360 degree view of a object, place or games designed in such a way that it makes you feel you are into it. The sound and 3D makes you feel that you are in that world, virtually.

History of VR

In the 18th century, first attempt at VR was made by the way of panoramic painting. Many more attempts where made and they tried to prove the concept to the world but due to lack of technology it failed to make it to mainstream market. Now with virtual reality headset its possible to explore and experience virtual reality.

Use of VR

VR in gaming – Imagine you in a world of fiction with your favorite characters and playing around with them.

VR for exploring new places – Travelling across the globe with maps and street view. Take an adventures trip like flying in the space.

VR for movies – Watching a 3d movie is fun now, just sit back, relax and watch 3d movies right on your couch.

VR with Zebronics

Zebronics have come up with virtual reality headset at an affordable price range for the Indian market. Using the ZEB VR is very simple. It can work with any iOS or Android phone provided it’s screen size should be between 4.5 inches to 6 inches. It gives viewer an option of adjust their focal length and pupil distant. Extra soft pads and light weight construction put the person in the comfort zone.

Zeb VR headset can make a best combo pair with ZEB 75WG gaming pad for mobiles. It can be connected with the mobile and used as gamepad for games. As while using the VR the inputs are only limited to movement or magnetic trigger.


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