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While walking the dusty lanes of Pallikaranai, we walk into a narrow

street filled with lush greenery and filled with the ambiance of the bells from a nearby Balaji Temple, the temple is not the only attraction in this lane.

The two storey building is also where people queue up, a health care center run by Zebronics gets to see at least 30 people on a daily basis. Dr. Radha, a general doctor who specializes in Skin treatment says “The consultations are for Rs 10 and the free availability of medicines is a relief to the economically weaker class.”she adds.

Mr. Soundarajan, who is aged 52 years is rushed into the clinic for his epilepsy along with his paralyzed left side body in the night. On finding out more symptoms, the doctor uncovers that the patient had a heart attack. “It’s cases like these that worry me, the patient had no clue of the heart attack and had to immediately be treated’ says Dr. Radha. “I’m alive only because Dr. Radha identified the issue and from then on I’ve been regularly treated for the same” Mr. Soundarajan says.

The clinic has completed over 8 years providing consultation and medicines, there are some who are regular to this clinic Mrs. Vijayalakshmi, the nurse who is busy giving out tokens mentions. Mrs. Devaki, who is 46 years old has two sons, from a struggling background, she’s here for her regular consultation with an aching back pain, after a few sittings she doesn’t have the ache anymore. A lot other patients get treated for diabetes, Blood pressure, skin ailments, fever, pediatrics and regular health check ups also top the list.

Mr. Rajesh Doshi, Director, Zebronics India who had set up this clinic exclusively said “We have a few initiatives that we’ve looked into personally, like this clinic is up and running for 8 years now, We’ve also donated beds to the Kidney dialysis clinic and had a blood donation camp for the employees of Zebronics.” “our CSR is always more personal than professional” he added.


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Lotus Food Gallery
Lotus Food Gallery
2 years ago

Hi Very Good article
Thanks for sharing keep up the good work.

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