Your Mobile's BFF

Every morning you wake up to snooze that alarm blaring from your phone only to pick it up and browse through the social media and get all the updates before you even begin your day. The phone has become your go-to device for taking those work-related emails to those random brunch meeting sessions with friends where you’ve pouted away. What phone can mean to you have been blurred with its overall feature but there are a few items that are your phone’s best friends and an add-on essential to go about your daily life.

When you’re doing something important it could be downloading a few essential work-related documents or copying that extended playlist from your computer to your phone your charging cable/Data transfer cables is first off an essential need for your mobile to connect your phone to share music files songs or simply connect to transfer files onto your computer. This cable is important when it means simply charging your phone or to transfer files and get last minute backup of all your files on your phone.


All of us can relate to days where we had to use our phone extensively from using the internet to using maps to updating our social media frequently or connecting quickly with clients only to realize that in the buzz of life the phone battery is too low to make a call and  that’s when we feel restless about the situation. Now if you had a power bank in place you could get a quick recharge and become worry-free throughout the day. Power banks  have become an essential item and are a must if you’re someone who depends on your phone a tad too much.


If you’re someone who can relate to your life with a song or that important moment where you can’t remember factual stuff but you simply can remember lyrics without any effort. If you’re someone that likes using the time stuck in a traffic jam to watch a few recipes or to listen to a podcast. Headphones are an essential item and a must for your phones to help you utilize that time more efficiently or to douse away with musical melodies on a bad day. There are two kinds of headphones wireless or wired you can buy what suits your need.


Life is unpredictable especially when all of a sudden plans fall into place ; especially when those nights spending time eating dinner by the bay or when it’s that perfect moment to click a picture or to record moments a selfie stick is an add-on essential to carry away because it’s super light, foldable and helps you click that perfect photo to treasure for years. What’s more is it even helps you record with your camera in a steady mode and it’s easy to tuck it into a bag or a purse and pull out whenever required.



What’s your mobile’s favorite BFF? let us know in the comment section below.


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