Upgrading to a mechanical keyboard

You can be a coder, a gamer, a someone that intends to be an author someday. You could also be a scriptwriter, a blogger or a hardcore gamer but the most common thing among any profession is the considerable amount of time spent in front of a desktop typing away.

Most of your professional and personal time is spent looking at a blank document page and filling in with the most crucial details. Sometimes the entire experience is nerve wrecking with the inclusion of deadlines. There’s a simple question we’d like to ask since you’re spending the most important time in front of a desktop shouldn’t your experience with typing be accurate and a feel-good experience?

Yes, your old keyboard may have just the impact on you but switching to a mechanical experience will change the entire game when you’re at your best.

Why should you upgrade to a mechanical keyboard

>Tactile feedback with the click sound and feel

>Writing Accurately

>Increase your number of words per minute

>Heavy built for stable writing/ typing/ gaming

>Backlit with rainbow LEDs

>Longer life, highly durable switches to take the beating

>Long braided cable with high-quality USB connector

Clicky, is really good

The clicky sound, the touch and feel of the mechanical key is simply magical, you’ll have to write on it to believe it. You could simply press the key halfway and glide over as you type your documents. This keyboard is meant to up your levels of efficiency and accuracy while typing and you will not feel fatigued even while typing for a long duration.

Extra features

Mechanical keyboards are generally priced a little more than an ordinary keyboard because of the extra added punch that they offer

The keyboard packs in good quality that is meant to last for years, along with mechanical switches that are built to last, which also pack in extra braided cables.The mechanical keyboard is super sturdy firm and is heavier than any ordinary keyboard which means while you zone into your work, your keyboard will not have any option of changing its position.


Choosing the right mechanical keyboard

There are various mechanical keyboards that are to give you a full-fledged mechanical experience

TKL keyboard

At 1.15Kgs it has the best to offer for a gamer who’s looking at a compact keyboard for his gaming usage without the numpad

A lot of gamers want a rather concise and compact keyboard for their gaming and opt for tenkeyless (TKL) keyboard. The numpad isn’t be available on TKL keyboard. If you’re a gamer looking for a compact keyboard you can look at Max, this keyboard has 87 keys with additional 12 multimedia keys. It has 3 LED light modes and comes with a high-quality USB connector.

Full size keyboard

A full-length mechanical keyboard comes with 104 keys and 12 integrated multimedia keys including the num pad. Like for instance, Max Plus is a full-length keyboard with extra added features that also include 5 LED  brightness levels along with 7 LED light modes.

Full size keyboard with more controls 

This is an absolute must-buy for every gamer

A full-length mechanical keyboard which is rather a style statement in terms of its build and experience is a perfect fit for gamers who’re looking at more premium look, feel and overall features like for instance Max pro has pre-programmed 18 LED modes with 6 levels of brightness, 5 LED speed modes. It is a heavy duty keyboard with a retractable stand.

If you’re going to spend a majority of your time typing away, make the most of it being productive by switching over to the mechanical experience with the accuracy and the tactile feel.

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