T'is The Season To Be Merry

The trees they’re a filled with fairy lights, the balconies in tiny houses are decked with a colorful stars. The freshly baked plum cakes give out a sweet aroma of raisins as the family gathers on a table to pray before they begin their christmas feast. Christmas means different things to different people for some it’s coming home, for some it’s to spend quality time with their families while for some it’s to share, spread happiness and give away.

When december comes, most homes go through a cleaning ritual the nooks and corners are dusted the christmas tree is pulled out of a box and the fairy lights are put in their place. Christmas songs rhythmically humm from the speakers as the entire family goes into cleaning spree mode.

Buying presents for family members can get draining especially when you’re cleaning and shopping at the same end but fret not as we have you covered this festive season

Buying a Portable speaker to gift that person who lives for music. This season gift the joy of indulging in some good music.


Gifting a Wireless headphone/Earphone for one who can multitask between being the baker and being the boss is a thoughtful gift and is a complete bonus as they will be reminded of you and your thoughtful gift everyday.

Taking time off to catch up with home movies or entertainment is a must and very well deserved on a holiday so make some hot coco and have a movie binge with the family.

If vacation is on your mind with your  family among the picturesque views with the extended family bonding then invest in surveillance security systems this way you’ll find peace mentally.

A selfie stick is a handy at home or out all you’ve to do is pop it out and click away with your family only to reflect on the same picture and moments years later.

How are you celebrating your Christmas this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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