Thoughtful gifts for your Employees

Employees are an integral part of the company whether its multitasking, meeting project deadlines or helping your companies grow. Providing recognition, praise and even thoughtful gifting will empower employees to make a difference to the organization.  

The process of picking gifts can get cumbersome with umpteen options available in the market

Gifting however necessary can get very confusing with every product doled out like a must have gift for your employees but what takes the final cut here is the most important question that is ‘How useful is it for the employees’ we regularly ask!

Hence we’ve curated a list of products that would actually deem useful for your employees


Music is a de-stressing agent when you listen to your music on a portable speaker on a long hard day. It works wonders for your moods, speaking of moods we have a true versatile range of portable speakers that deliver your magic portion of music and set the mood just right. Take a look at our portable speakers here.

Kick the sedentary life

Health is wealth, a line we’ve been taught from early childhood stands true till date. Work life is stressing and that stress take a toll on health too. Gift your employees our fitness band range encouraging movement in office, it could be walking to the water cooler or taking a brisk walk after lunch.

Personal audio gear

Headphone/earphone gear is another important aspect, especially while commuting to and fro office, most employees would vouch for better audio clarity to listen to their favorite songs or even watch videos through long hours of commute. These make a perfect gift for that everlasting impression and bring a smile upon the receivers face.

Bank on power

The world is growing smaller, people are more connected than before and to remain connected with data is a race of battery. With multitasking mobile phones, one also requires adequate battery hence a power bank is essential in day to day life. It will definitely make it to a best corporate gifting option.

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