Take the party indoors!

Home is a different feeling altogether, where you can ease up mentally sit in your favorite corner and have the day roll just the way you want to. In any weather, the being at home feeling surpasses any other while you’re sipping on some hot cuppa coffee or just gazing away but then being at home can get monotonous. So here are a few tips to stay in and have a blast right at your home with some music, movies, games and karaoke parties.

Game night with music

Call your friends over and have an ultimate games night, bring out the generic games or play scrabble if you’re a wordsmith. Bring the age-old games, have music by your side and leave out the phone by the table while you’re having a conversation with music in the background. The way to perfectly host up games night.

Movie Marathons

There is nothing like having friends over for a sleepover and planning the night re-watching old films or binge-watching some good shows over food. Pick a few movies or comedy epics that you and your friends love and throw the ultimate movie binge sessions and you’ll recall this sleepover and your friends reacting to the movies for the rest of your life.

Upbeat Jams

The best way to relax with your work buddies is have a get-together, a small one that can get the team relaxing and discussing ideas and off topic while they’re having dinner. You can put in a few board games, have an ultimate dance off and by the end of day your work buddies will remember this for the years to come. It’ll work as a great team building activity too!

Patio Party

If you don’t want to miss out on the light, head over to the patio fill it with potted plants and call it a tea party with your friends as you connect to nature and all things bright. If you have any art related activity this place should be it with your favorite instrumental songs as a background helping you focus through your goals.

The bad singer challenge

The challenge is to ask random people to sing an unknown or a known song. You can be the ultimate judge of the contest the best part is to have it at a family gathering where your cousins are up for something fun and quirky at boring family events. Not only will they remember the worst singer they will remember the memories that came along with the terrible karaoke singing.

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