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The Party Planner

Hey, people, it’s Sam here again! I’ve been working all week but this weekend I’ve got my party mode on and the party animal inside me is raging to host my friends to a wonderful in-house party. Apart from hosting a party, I’m also going to share some of my house party trends with you guys so that you make way to one hell of a weekend because it’s time we threw the small talk out the window and spent…

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Sam and his travel bag

Hey, travel freaks I’m Sam, I love traveling away to exotic locations, listening to good music and collecting cool gadgets. People are not my best area of expertise, however, I love talking to them in my writing. Here I’m gonna share with you my story of travel. Wanderlust is the new trend catching up amongst the young now. Traveling just doesn’t bring a pathway to incredible memories but also brings the “I’m so excited that I’m going to puke” feels…

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How to take good care of your sound systems

When you invest in buying a good quality sound system for your personal entertainment, you want quality output that last years;whether its binge watching an episode or listening to your favorite music track. Deciding on buying the best speaker is an experience, personalized to your music preference but apart from buying a speaker, it’s taking care of it that really matters especially when you want supreme output quality for years. Here are a few tips that will help you enjoy…

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Carry Your Sound

Wouldn’t you love it if the world was surrounded with music everywhere? What does it feel to carry your favorite song that has been stuck in your head all the while actually play as you take a walk at the beach or rushing to work? So who is it that is stopping you anyway? Lets help you carry that sound as you go through your day. PORTABLE SPEAKERS might just be the answer to the question. * Portable speakers are easy…

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Different types of people on Valentine’s Day

February, while the earth still wakes up from its slumber from winter as the sun rays gently pours making  its way towards season change. Everything looks afresh and new, the moods change too especially during mid-February. A lot of chemistry is what you require to make that relationship work with yourself or with that special someone. Doling out thoughtful gifts is perhaps the biggest aspect as it shows what that person means to you.This list may help you pick that…

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The art of corporate gifting

Festivals, celebrations even milestones call for a gifting something extra special to your employees. Corporate gifting has become a trend to add a little more value not just to the employee but to the company as well. There are a plethora of gifting options available out there when it’s making your employees feel special, we have you covered     Ever wanted to give your employees something extra special gift them a portable wireless speaker, you can choose from an…

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How to choose the best gaming headphone

Sound is an important essence to understand a character, a situation and judge the scenario and when it gaming sound plays a main component to bring the game together. Sound is used to convey a story like say a shift in tempo can help you identify what the character is lined up for. We already know how you get an instant high when you’re on a game mission or communicating with an opponent in your gaming arena and to make…

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