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Gadgets every music lover deserves

“When music hits you feel no pain” said Bob Marley and how rightly he said so Because music brings memories alive and in doing so you can teleport to the past where time stood still. This world music day we’re bringing the best of gadgets for music lovers out there but before we dig into that let’s take a look at why we have a day for music. The music week Fete De La Musique meaning (festival of music) or…

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How to take good care of your sound systems

When you invest in buying a good quality sound system for your personal entertainment, you want quality output that last years;whether its binge watching an episode or listening to your favorite music track. Deciding on buying the best speaker is an experience, personalized to your music preference but apart from buying a speaker, it’s taking care of it that really matters especially when you want supreme output quality for years. Here are a few tips that will help you enjoy…

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Things you learned from #HostelLife

Life felt so short as we walked out the corridors where students were double checking their papers and submitting them one by one, in a dotted line. No one thought the last day of the public exam would feel remorse because of the uncertainty. In a hushed rush of college entrance exams and submitting college forms, we all grew up! It took us all we had to apply to top colleges and when that letter of acceptance came flying in,…

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10 things that a music lover would say

Music was there for you during those lonely nights, in a room full of people during that long hour bus ride from school to life. From the Backstreet Boys craze you had back in school to Oasis, Euphoria, Indian Ocean and so many others that you hummed the lyrics to that you could perfectly describe every phase of your life in a song. If you’re someone who loves music a tad too much this one is especially dedicated to you.…

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