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Indie Playlist

If you’re bored with the same playlist and that one song you’ve played for over 20 times and want something new to listen to then we’ve got you covered. This week our focus shifts from 90’s to Independent music by artists you may have heard but are absolutely worth another listen. We’ve handful picked a few bands, a few known/unknown songs that may just give you that refreshing change to your mood and make that day a lot more light.…

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Throwback to the 90’s playlist

An ode to the simple life where friends gathered more often at the playground than online to play. Your birthday list included close friends,a glass of chilled rasna and samosas that you could gobble. The TV was relished for news watching Doordarshan news and once in awhile when you got lucky you would have caught an episode or two of english cartoons dubbed in regional languages. Music was precious, it was a huge amount to shell out for a cassette…

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10 things that a music lover would say

Music was there for you during those lonely nights, in a room full of people during that long hour bus ride from school to life. From the Backstreet Boys craze you had back in school to Oasis, Euphoria, Indian Ocean and so many others that you hummed the lyrics to that you could perfectly describe every phase of your life in a song. If you’re someone who loves music a tad too much this one is especially dedicated to you.…

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