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How your sleep cycle is connected to your health

It way past your bedtime and you’re still on your phone scrolling through your social media and then you manage to get some shut eye except you feel tired as soon as you’re up the next morning. The following day you try to go to bed early but thoughts pop out of nowhere you’re anxious but somehow manage to snooze until your morning alarm blares and you still get up feeling groggy waiting for the caffeine to give you that…

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Having fun with fitness – A priority

What do you remember about your childhood?  Staying at home or playing with your friends and getting muddled as you ran and hid in a corner? If you were the latter, bruises were stories that you would bravely tell all your friends. So what happened to the fun factor when you grew up? Everything has now become a chore; exercise time has become cardio and food has become calories. It’s about time we make our workout a lot more engaging…

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