Zebronics Surveillance- The Need of the Hour

With everything we see on the news today, it impossible for us to ignore the need for surveillance and security systems in our homes and work places. Home burglaries and break-ins are something that neither the rich nor the poor are spared from in this day and age.Since most home break-ins happen through the most obvious entry point- the front door,it is highly important to make sure that it is properly secure. With burglars today posing as neighbours, mail men and delivery persons, securing the safety of your family and loved ones is a serious concern.


Keeping this in mind Zebronics launched the ZEB-VD7RT Video Door Phone, the perfect solution for those looking to enhance the security of their homes along with convenience. Video door phones allow you not only to see the person calling but also communicate with them while still maintaining a secure perimeter, unlike opening a door with a door chain. This system also adds on to the aesthetic value Indian homes and with the combined benefit of security and convenience, the ZEB VD 7RT is more of a necessity than an option.


The ZEB – MLS750 is another technological breakthrough to have emerged from Zebronics in the field of security and surveillance. This unique product is typically useful for running low-power equipment, that are critically required to be up round the clock like surveillance cameras and CCTV, medical equipment and  broadcast studio equipment.

Both these innovative product revolve around maintaining the security of your home in a convenient and reliable way so that you and you loved ones can feel more secure within the walls of your home.


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