Social distancing with a home routine

Most people across the world have been told to maintain distance to prevent the spread of the Co-Vid 2019 virus. While a few states are curbing the virus spread through a lockdown of malls, theatres, religious places, museums. Travels and public transports have also seen a depletion of people. If you’re maintaining social distancing either via working from home or hardly stepping out then here are a few activities you can do to make the productive use of that time.

7 steps to prevent the spread of the COVID 19 virus

Sanitize your home 

The first step is to sanitize your home’s most frequently touched spaces, clean wipe your doorknobs, utensils, phones, tablets, remotes, keyboard, mouse, chargers and more. Sanitizing is preventing your family from falling ill.

Make a playlist 

If you’re someone that feels the anxiety of having constant news updates. Distract yourself and listen to new music online or make playlists for every occasion. Engage yourself, listen to music on your wireless earphone while you clean up or work from home; that also helps you enjoy your playlist with consideration for other members of the family. Music has a calming effect so it should put you in a relaxed state of mind when you’re worried about the ongoing situation. 

Workout at home

Even though the gyms are on a lockdown that shouldn’t prevent you from getting your daily dose of fitness workout. Go to YouTube and follow your preferred workouts and watch your calories burn away.

Movie/ Reading time

Since you have all the time at home you can sit back and ease into those worries with feel-good movies and catch up on some theatre-like experience right at your home with soundbars. If you’re into reading then there you can hover over to Project Gutenberg and read free e-books take the time to relax and distract yourself.

Pick up on hobbies 

Did you leave behind your painting or singing passion? Now is the right time to go ahead and follow your passion. Spend this time productively to relax and recharge!

If you have suggestions, please put them in the comment section below!

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