Which Sibling are you?

Siblings are a blessing in disguise obviously they’re irritating, annoying, arguing their way out of life but, they make life bearable from time to time. From all the secrets you’ve shared to the amount of irritating yet fun days, you’ve had with them. Here’s our take on gifting for that perfect sibling.

Fighting for music

When your own siblings fight for music it’s the end of the world. The easiest way to calm this over is to buy a speaker that has dual modes like our 2.0 speaker Jive, each speaker works as a separate entity and can be paired together for a 2.0 effect.

The workaholic

If there is any shortage in the world, it’s either the shortage of time or that decreasing battery on their phone. You’ll find these siblings at a number of occasions preoccupied with their work. They’re always busy either conversing about business or working away. A power bank is an essential gift to those types of siblings.

The witty one in the family

If there is an award for the best witty head, it should go to this siblings. He makes puns out of real-life miseries and makes everyone laugh out loud. Apart from his wittiness, he is also an extrovert among family gatherings. A pair of headphones or earphones would be an ideal gift for him to catch him up on all his comedy shows.

The ultimate gamer

You’ll probably find this sibling either on his computer or on his phone playing games. They’re always glued on to their phone like it’s their oxygen. You could gift them a crab mobile case or a mechanical keyboard and rest assured that you’ll be remembered for life.

The keeper of secrets

That one sibling sometimes also plays the role of a surveillance camera and knows every detail about you, the girls you talk to, what your plans are and she is the keeper of secrets. Lord forbid even if a secret spills out, you’d be in a total mess and this sibling uses it for asking you favors and you happily oblige to give in to her demands.


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