Knowledge based learning with Zeb-Tech

What do you remember fondly about your childhood? The maths teacher that extended her class to the next period or that lunch session under the mango trees where you’d discover a rubber band attached to a stone could get that raw mango in your hands.

Education by means of learning has become a rhetorical process, that is exactly when Zeb Tech comes in to throw some interesting quizzes for the students and watch them come alive with their answers all awaiting in anticipation to hit the right moment.

A long walk past the big gates of the school and you’ll immediately spot so many trees of different kinds, white uniforms, white polished canvas shoes and students with their bags moving towards their early morning assemblies of prayer sessions, newspaper reading sessions and slowly everyone moves towards their class in order.

Once in awhile when a special event takes place, the squeal of the children of specially missing a certain history class in the morning is pleasurable, so this time we walked in with an idea which will test their Knowledge to the core and keep the learning bit interesting.

Dotting a black T-shirt and khaki pants, Shashank, walked in with his Zebronics team, the students looked rather happy, but amused at the guest and what they had to unfold. While the introduction many students geared themselves when they were told that there was an interesting General Knowledge quiz for them to get a head start.

Shashank, the host, who has organized these quiz events says. “It’s like you’ve walked back into your school years and taken a time turner as a student. We never had game shows or quiz events, neither were we equipped for a smart class environment” he adds.

“Who is the president of PepsiCo?” the following question is asked, the assembly becomes silent and slowly from a corner a boy stands up and answers “Indira Nooyi”

With scores to top the round, that lead to semifinals, finals and then ultimately into the winners, but the journey was tough as it involved remembering the facts.

Rahul, a student from the eight standard was inquisitive and wanted to get his hands on the question sheet right after the program was conducted, while the other students wanted to know about where we sourced the motivational video, that played before the GK round.

Almost all teachers loved the way the quiz program was conducted, many found a change in a student’s enthusiasm towards learning and the key person of every school, the principal loved our concept of using technology to spearhead the education process.

Mr Namashivayam,  Principal, Maharishi Vidya Mandir school said “Questions were interesting, I’m looking forward to such programs in the future”

The feedback through 462 schools pan India were positive, the school principal wanted to bring the quiz concept back and students that won gift hampers and participation certificates were eagerly looking forward to have another event.

Under the CSR initiative of Zebronics which promotes knowledge based education under Zeb Tech. The Zebronics team has accomplished hosting Knowledge based events in 462 schools India. “With a tremendous positive feedback from students and teachers we’re planning to have an event like this on a big scale.” Rajesh Doshi, Director – Zebronics said.

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