How to Choose the Perfect Soundbar for Your Home

how to choose the perfect soundbar for your home - Zebronics

Soundbars have been in the market for quite some time and they’re all the rage because of their smart yet fuss-free design that makes the entertainment experience larger than life. Looking at the best soundbars for your living room? There are more options with soundbars offering quality surround sound to offering Dolby digital sound. Looking to buy the right kind of audio to enrich your entertainment experience? Then look no further as this article should help you choose the perfect TV companion in terms of audio.

Looking for sound bars?


Why should you get a soundbar ?

TV’s have evolved from bulky to being super thin with crisp images and HD view yet these flat screen tvs have poor audio that is not likely to match up the HD visuals that your TV provides. Hence the need for a simplistic solution to power up your TV audio and make the audio experience larger than life while you're watching movies, series or just playing a few tracks now and then.

A traditional 5.1 home theatre system can require a lot of installation and there is a lot required when it comes to setting it up. Whereas a soundbar is a super sleek bar speaker that can be placed either in front of your TV or wall mounted along with it you also get a subwoofer that can be wired or wireless. The bar speaker is fairly easier to install than a 5.1 yet provides hi-fidelity sound in your living room.

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Few FAQ’s you should address while buying a soundbar


If you’re buying a new soundbar then focus on how large or compact your space is, this will help to identify what kind of soundbar should you use. Then the size of the product is an important aspect since it is apt to know what is the size of the soundbar against your TV and if it can be wall mounted or not.


Subwoofer is a unit you get with the sound bar. Now, the role of the subwoofer is to add the bass to your overall listening experience. The right bass can magnify the depth of sound and elevate your listening experience. The next thing you should look at is since there are two available options for subwoofers either you can choose wired or a wireless one.. A wireless subwoofer means that you have more leeway of placing the subwoofer according to your liking and streaming via BT while a wired setup is more organized.

Connectivity options

Look for multi-connectivity options that come with connectivity options like wireless BT, USB, AUX HDMI (ARC) and Optical. Having the option of HDMI is essential since the cable transmits digital video and digital audio signals between devices.They support high-definition and Ultra HD video signals plus surround sound audio.


Drivers are important when it comes to sound so also do a search on the expected driver size on your soundbar.This step is certain to help you get the right audio for your living room.

All About Dolby

A brilliant soundbar like our Zeb-Juke Bar 9000 Pro comes with Dolby Digital Plus and that certification itself means HD audio while you’re watching your movies, shows or listening to music.

Wall mountable or standing

If you want to mount your soundbar on the wall you should check if the model is wall mountable or can only be used as a table top.

Zebronics has launched its new series of soundbars that will make every movie experience at home larger than life you can take a look at the suggestions list below.








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