Celebrating Holi

In the olden days a beating of the drum would signify the audience to gather as the kings  announcement was carefully read. Sound plays a big role whether it is for religious purposes or for community gathering celebration.

Sometimes the religious symbolisms also syncs with the seasonal changes of the earth and Holi, though known for it religious symbolism where goodness bestows over evil is no less than a celebration for welcoming spring.

The day begins with loud music, almost as if to make even the neighbours that peek out of their windows to come and celebrate in union with the community. In togetherness and unity the celebration becomes even bigger with loud sound.

Color packets are found on one end and crispy food on the other. Everyone is welcome to the celebration where faces merely become a shade of red, pink even yellow. The passerbuys carefully eye the crowd before they make their move. The kids rejoice in throwing water filled balloons out on the streets.

‘Rang Barse’ or ‘Holi hai’ are a few songs that will not just be played, it will be sung and even enacted will full force of the character. Holi is more than a festive gathering. It’s where everyone is included and no one gets left behind as the colors change from pink, red to black

If you’re hosting a Holi party or want to bring back the union play your tracks on our monster certified DJ speakers and watch as the gathering unfolds at your party.

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