Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is more than a celebration, it’s an emotion

Apart from the fact that one gets a national holiday on Vinayaka Chaturthi /Ganesh Chaturthi, a 10 day festival celebrating the Birth of Lord Ganesha is celebrated with all its vigour.

The preparations for this festival are made well in advance, which means spending time cleaning nooks and corners of your home, to dust the old to bring forth the new. Special preparations are done to bring the deity of wisdom  to your abode.

It’s a family union when everyone is involved, some in helping with the kitchen in making lip smacking modaks doused with a dollop of ghee and jaggery. On the other hand the small lights are hung over, the pooja flowers are placed in the thali and the fragrance of the incense wafts the air.

Even before the deity is brought home, loud speakers that hymn the traditional songs becomes a cue for the community from kids to senior citizens to gather and rejoice in welcoming the deity home.The home becomes a spiritual space with the poojas and the festivities that come along with the mantras, the holy prasad or sacred feast along with the celebration of sound.

The streets are erected with Pandals to welcome deity and artisans are asked to sculpt huge idols which are brought into the streets in different areas and arrangements are made and are open to the public.

When the deity is brought home with all its enthusiasm, there is a sense of joy not just in a family but an entire community including kids and the elderly who show much enthusiasm in the ritualistic sense followed by the scrumptious feast where families come together to celebrate in grandeur.

The celebrations happen in such a grand scale that music has played an important role in a bygone era only to dismiss all differences and unite everyone into the celebrations.

Speakers are the most essential part of any festival decorum, and it doesn’t stick to that arrangement alone many people like listening to their holy scriptures on their speakers. Many communities prefer buying gigantic speakers without the hassle of arranging one on any given festive celebration. When it comes to speakers, look no further as Zebronics has a dedicated range from portable2. speakers and sound bars that will not only steal the show but it’s monster like sound will bring life into your festivity.

On the day of Visharjan, the vermillion pasted men chant the holy mantra along with the traditional music as the crowd gathers towards the sea chanting ‘Ganpathi Bapa Moriya’. The idol is then immersed into the sea symbolising that the deity reaches his heavenly abode.

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