If you're a music lover you'll relate to this

Music, a 5 letter word that’s not just a feeling, it’s an emotion perhaps like a time capsule holding each delicate memory right from your childhood to your present day. You’ll carefully recall an event associated with a piece of music that you could connect like for instance that farewell song from school while you were departing from school to adulthood. The very first freshers day in college was a refreshing change you may even remember the songs to or the casual bunking sessions that you and your group planned only to get caught later. Music is like a picture memory the songs play the memories, they stay very intact to that time and that place.

The connection that you have with your songs and lyrics no one may get, but as far as it’s making you feel sublime either while passing time commuting or relaxing to your favorite numbers after a stressful day.

Earphones are your lifeline


Be it travel, walking or even for a brief break you’re plugged in with your updated audio playlist on your earphones. Every weekend upgrading your playlist was more of a fun thing to do than a chore and then there were times you wanted to beat yourself up for forgetting the earphone at home and then you resented it all the way back when you were home.  a lot more social interaction and absolute boredom while you travel, commute or can’t listen to your favorite song.

Your desk (Personal Zone Alert)

Your desk is your personal space, the space filled with your favorite trinkets like pens, a diary with your favorite knick-knacks, even the desk at your office space holds your favorite quotes, posters, post-it notes and more. Every desk has a peculiar item, if it’s the desk at your home then your pc or laptop is always wired either to a 2.0 or a  2.1 speaker apart from binge-watching youtube videos you’re also glued to watching series movies in your personal zone with a handful of chips to give you company. The speaker is a must because they make the playlist worth dancing to and the movies worthwhile watching with amazing bass and treble making the perfect move.

The study table fix

If you’re a student or have a dedicated space for reading, doing other activities at that particular space may seem to distract your focus. To channelize that focus and increase your attention along with focus span you can listen to some study music with our luna, desk lamp and in case you’re hitting an all-nighter, it will keep you occupied with zen and light.

Committed to freedom


Freedom has a new name, it’s the freedom from the tangles and that kind of freedom keeps your mind at ease. You may have to recharge, but it doesn’t bother you much because with freedom also comes responsibilities. If you’re that person that loves having freedom with no restriction no wires where your movement isn’t restricted to holding your phone while you’re listening to a song then you’re the truly wireless type.

The host of the house parties


If the home is your best comfort space, where you leave the inhibitions at the door before you step in and when you feel that an intimate conversation with munchies and snacks on the side is a perfect way to unwind then you’ll know that house parties are your thing. If you’re that person that loves hosting house parties having the guest entertained then you are someone that can’t miss out on the music which is the most important part of any house party keeping them subtle tracks and having a dinner bash with your friends.

The fitness music enthusiast


If you’re trying to keep at your best to become fit, exercises and routine can get boring and pushing yourself every day may get difficult. Exactly why you have a rush of music playlists for workouts helping you optimize your workout while you’re listening to tracks pushing yourself to the extreme. If hitting the gym is like a stress buster to you or you are someone that loves music while you run a marathon or even cycling for that instance companion or no companion you are at it will discipline every single day.

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