How your sleep cycle is connected to your health

It way past your bedtime and you’re still on your phone scrolling through your social media and then you manage to get some shut eye except you feel tired as soon as you’re up the next morning. The following day you try to go to bed early but thoughts pop out of nowhere you’re anxious but somehow manage to snooze until your morning alarm blares and you still get up feeling groggy waiting for the caffeine to give you that kick.

Adults approximately require 7 to 9 hours of sleep at night. The word sleep cycle has been elaborately researched by scientist specifically on the amount of sleep and the quality of sleep that can help you feel refreshed the next morning. You could possibly be suffering from insomnia, restless leg syndrome or may not getting equal amount of shut eye and sometimes monitoring the best hours you sleep can help you set things straight.It was also studied that sleep was an integral part to shedding weight too.


A sleep cycle can last up to 90 minutes and during that there are different stages. There are different phases of sleep, one is NREM (Non Rapid eye movement)or  REM (Rapid Eye Movement). In the initial stages we’re in the (NREM) which hovers from light to deep sleep, this happens in the initial hours of falling asleep. When we’re in deep sleep, that’s when we’re in the (REM) stage of sleep where our eyes are moving rapidly but the muscles are relaxed, this stage is when we dream and are in deep sleep, this stage is essential for memory, healing etc. The other times we may be in the NREM stage of sleep is also defined as light sleep.


If you’d like to analyse how you sleep, wear the ZEB-Fit500 while you’re going to bed when you wake up an elaborated chart reading will be up on your phone. You will be able to monitor how you sleep on a daily basis hence allowing you to understand the dynamics of correcting your sleep pattern for a good shut eye. But our fitness bands can do that and much more along with sleep monitoring, it has a pedometer to calculate the amount of steps you’ve taken, a heart rate monitor to check your heart pulse from time to time  and calorie tracker to show you how many calories you’ve burned for It’s a band which helps with overall function that will help you get on track with fitness.

If you have any sleep rituals you follow to get a good shut eye please do let us know in the comments below .

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