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What a better way than to contribute your time to help out your mum during the lockdown. If you’re not able to while you’re busy working from home. It falls on a Sunday so that you can focus on making moments special. It's time for us to thank our daily superhero who works daily even during lockdown from making your favorite food to sanitizing the space and taking care of everyone's health requirements.

Here are a few ideas that can work

Yoga workout at home

Have a workout at home with 5 minutes of meditation or half an hour of chair surya namaskars will help her get the much required stretching sessions. Either follow the exercise with the meditation session or just do one tiny activity that will help her take care of her physical or mental health.

Swap an activity

Pick up chores of the house, if you’re not doing them already. Give your mom a breathing space to pursue creative activities or sit and learn a few creative pursuits from her. It could be as simple as scribbling or dabbling with paint brushes or writing a poem.

Re-watching movies / old songs

There are a few songs that can only bring back memories and movies that can remind you of yourself at a particular phase during your yesteryears.So pick her favorites and be open to listen to trivia related to a particular movie or a song that may leave you awestruck.

Game time

Challenge your mum to one on one game or get the entire family involved in gaming online you could pick scrabble, Ludo, Carrom, Chess or more. Having a face off is a different feeling when you get that family time with everyone and there is good music running in the background.

Video calling

Gang up with all your relatives and make the event even more special and give your mum some much needed time off with a bluetooth headset and your phone. She’ll join you feeling a lot more happy and light.

Do let us know if you have any activity planned out for mother’s day and share them in the comments section below.

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