Different types of people on Valentine’s Day

February, while the earth still wakes up from its slumber from winter as the sun rays gently pours making  its way towards season change. Everything looks afresh and new, the moods change too especially during mid-February. A lot of chemistry is what you require to make that relationship work with yourself or with that special someone. Doling out thoughtful gifts is perhaps the biggest aspect as it shows what that person means to you.This list may help you pick that right gift for that special someone.

Different kinds of people on Valentine’s Day

Whining Friend



Everyone has a friend who completely hates love songs/mushy movies and will do whatever it takes to get off the background movie. Even if the radio plays a song their expression can change as quick from their normal face to a groan face whining and complain. They aren’t anti-love they just favor a particular genre much more give them a portable speaker and stay assured that they will bug you even more with pure rock and roll songs.

The Secret Office Couple


When you see more than a sizzling chemistry and a lot of flirting around, everyone around will know particularly about the happening love stories that brew at the office. The entire world may know about them but the couple feels that they’re super secretive emotional banter via chats or secret emails will never be discovered. Gift them a Mechanical Keyboard now you know that apart from the secret banter, they’ll also love typing it out on the Max Plus Mechanical.

The Daydreamer



There is a much bigger love out there, sometimes it’s for the art and the music. This typical person loves his alone time either gazing out the window into a dream or is soulfully immersive with a pair of headphones while he’s at his art. Music bring the art to life shouldn’t his headphones too. Get a dazzling pair of Neptune wireless headphones with RGB light that brings a supreme feeling to the experience of diving into music.


Fit Head


This person is the fittest, has his regular routines but then has a major passion towards food. You always wonder how does he manage to have two goals to remain fit yet eat with delight. Well some call it metabolism with a pinch of motivation from the Zeb Fit 500 fitness band.


The Sleepover Planner


There is a check-list of items from food arrangements to selecting a particular movie to relish with a bunch of friends. The place is lit up with fairy lights and there’s always the smell of that buttery popcorn to go with movie marathons with the entire sound experience that a sound monster speaker and of course after movie gossip sessions.

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