Gifting ideas for birthday from Zebronics

Want to gift your friend, colleague or a buddy for life something extra special?Then forgo the boring gifting norms and hop onto the tech gifting bandwagon and that too within your budget.

Low on that pocket but the best buy

How if you’d have to splurge a little to make your friend that extra happy? Our portable Bullet speaker will do the magic. Portable, colorful, powerful and apt for any kind of occasion and the sound quality one gets with this portable bluetooth speaker will leave your friend more than happy.

The GamerIf your friend is a gamer, you’ve come to the right place. Zebronics has cool stuff like a gamepad to make Android mobile gaming a lot more interesting. Gift him a ZEB-75WG gamepad and watch that wide grin upon his face as he shoots and scores on his phone.You could also gift him the epic VR headset to give his gaming, an experience out of the world.

The shufflerThe guy who simply doesn’t have a favorite song, skips a million songs and then finally lands on a specific type. We have Eternity Bluetooth headphone, which will help him move through his songs swiftly with ease and have an own mini party in his head.

The video makerIf you like streaming videos/ movies or catching up that fave episode on your mobile phone, the ZEB-MS50 Mobile Holder with 6-inch Extendable Neck & 360 Degree Rotation can change the way you record, watch or stream that online content. Turn the mount into a comfortable position you require and watch your show/ record your video without twisting your elbow or your hand.

The one on business callsThat one friend who likes to talk, gossip or spend hours on the phone arranging meetings or for that corporate communication person. Buying ZEB-BH502+ or ZEB-BH503+ in-ear Bluetooth Headsets will make his business meetings easier. Take that important business call in a jiffy without touching your phone.

The Laptop buddiesWhile you’re out in a meeting with a work buddy, or catching up with work in a coffee shop or at home. If he owns a laptop you can gift him the ZEB-NC2000 cooling pad which not only works to cool off the laptop but also doubles up as a stand, which is designed for comfortable usage. The stand can be adjusted to many levels as per convenience.

The backpackerThe one who books a solo adventure camp by himself or books himself a night of skygazing. For a friend who one that likes to experience the wild side. Gift him ZEB-MC15000D power bank which comes along with an led torch light for emergencies. The perfect gift will make him connect better with technology and keep him safe during pitch black nights.


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