Best Portable Speakers From Zebronics

Earlier in the days, there were big systems and ample wires, there was no music without the clutter. It was a hard time finding plug point for the speakers to function, so the easiest thing was to carry the heavy speaker from one room to another or from one venue to another while remaining connected with the electrical socket and in case of power cut you’d have to let go the entertainment for a while.

Thanks to the advances in technology, you can now carry your music anywhere without wires and enjoy the power of wireless portable speakers.Sauntering in your room while listening to music or tucking it away in a small zip on an arduous trek amongst the picturesque views of the misty mountains or sipping in the warm coffee while listening to your favorite track. Music is an epiphany by itself, which becomes fused with moments which then become memories, to cherish all along. If you’re stuck between deciding which portable speaker to look for then look no further.

Charge the day

It is a perfect bedside table clock and also a BT speaker.

If you’ve always wanted a clock that could also play your favorite music then the Closic Mirror is for you.  So from now on you can ditch the phone to check the time or set an alarm and pump yourself with good motivating music to get yourself going in the wee hours of the morning and what’s even better is it comes with multi-connectivity options like USB/SD/AUX and has a temperature sensor to track the temperature.


It also has call action and comes with an inbuilt radio so when you’re feeling a little groggy-eyed in the morning. Switch up to good music on this portable speaker.

Pocket punch

It also has an inbuilt radio that you can switch to easily or take calls with its call function.

If your description of a portable speaker is compact, small sized and fits into a pocket then we have the perfect recommendation for you. Opt for saga BT speaker which comes in blue/black color and has multi-connectivity options like BT/USB/SD Don’t underestimate it for its small size as it produces high-quality sound output.


If you’re traveling solo or relaxing on a hammock this speaker is your perfect companion.

All in one guru

With a cycle mount that comes in the package, you could either slide this into your bag or mount it on a bike and enjoy your music.

If you’ve been wishing for an all in one product, then your search ends with our multi-functional Esteem BT speaker, which has extra capabilities. Shaped like a torch, the Esteem BT speaker has an LED torch on one end and BT speaker on the other side, it also has a 1000 mAh power bank and comes with an inbuilt radio.


Bring on the summer vibes

If you’re all about the aesthetics, sound and the summer vibes then Knight is the one for you.

Available in colors of Pale Blue, Beige, Orange and Pale Green, this portable speaker will give you the easy breezy summer feels with its fabric finish. Apart from its rich aesthetics, knight portable speaker also has multiple options for connectivity like  BT/USB/SD/AUX. It has an inbuilt radio and a call action button to take calls and comes along with a handy strap.

If you love colors, aesthetics and good quality sound Knight BT speaker is the one for you.

Go retro

This portable speaker is ideal when you’re having backyard parties or for that perfect night camp party.

If you love some old school nostalgia along with modern design, you can opt for Axel BT speaker which comes with a retro look of a boombox coupled with modern design. It has play controls like play/pause, call function, mode change buttons. It has connectivity options like BT/USB/SD/AUX which gives you ample freedom in terms of choosing a mode to play from. It also has an inbuilt radio


Love for circles

It comes with a built-in radio and a detachable stand, it will make heads turn in any party with its shape.

Our Maestro BT speaker comes in a circular design, in a fabric finish and can be mistaken for a fancy interior object because of its peppy color that comes in Orange, Pale Blue, Beige, and Black. This speaker has multiple modes of connectivity like BT/AUX/Micro SD and has easy control buttons like play/pause/previous/next and other mode change buttons.

Hope this article helps you choose your wireless portable speaker effectively. Do let us know if you have any queries regarding portable speakers, you can use the comment section to address your queries.

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