Best Gifts for Super Dad's

It takes a day like Father’s Day to remind us about the sacrifices that our fathers have made to help get to where we are. With increasing timelines, workload and the busy schedule, we forgot to acknowledge the struggle that our fathers go through only to see us climb the ladder successfully.  He would have easily walked a mile in a pair of his old shoes just to buy you a new pair, just to see that ultimate glee on your face.

You may not even know the little quirks about him, but he will remember every small detail of yours from the cream biscuit you like, to help you out when you make the important decisions of your life. He is also your best buddy when the opposition party (Mom) is strict. With dads, you can always be yourself from time to time and they’re always there to pick you up when you falter.

Here are the best ways you can show him you care

Buy him a timeless piece

If your dad loves enjoying the quiet times listening to old music and reminiscing about his old times you might want to give him something unique that may remind him about the past and help him open a treasure box of memories with music. You’ll come to know his favorite songs and even understand why he loves the songs that he often sings, does it bring back a memory of his childhood, get inquisitive and bond over some good music from his era.

Kick the unhealthy habits

If your dad has a sweet tooth and you often find him eating by the fridge light. It’s time to take control of his health. You can go from cutting out unhealthy snacking to eating healthy nuts. Go slow on the habit replace one unhealthy habit and work on it consistently. If it’s taking a long stroll after dinner, you’ll have to pick that and do it regularly, not only will it help your father physically but mentally too and it will help the bond grow stronger. To keep the fitness habit an ongoing one you can give him a fitness band that will ensure to give him a boost to take towards his fitness journey.

Light up his space

This father’s day you can spruce up his space, neatly organize things for him. Add lights to his room by giving his room a bedside lamp that doubles as a speaker. So not only do you get enough light when he’s up in the middle of the night. He can even do his siesta listening to his music on the lamp speaker.

Wireless charger

If you see your dad struggling with wires, you know it’s time for an upgrade. Get him a wireless charger so that he no longer will face the hassle of wires and enjoy a truly wireless charging experience. Opt for wireless headphones or earphones if you find him struggling with the wires. You could also switch up to a wireless keyboard and mouse to make his work desk clutter free.

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