Best Gift options for the Wedding Season

Weddings are occasions that bring together relations who are increasingly moving apart in this globalized world. Apart from those few,special occasions, meeting the dear ones, these days, has become near impossible.Once a close knitted communities,we have now moved to different cities and abroad in search of greener pastures. The occasion of marriage is therefore a chance, nay, a pretext to meet up, know each other’s whereabouts, well-being and to spend a good deal of time, by keeping that enquiry chart flowing.

What not to be missed during weddings is the Presentations or Gifts offered to the Bride and the Groom. Handing over a certain amount of money, neatly placed in an envelope is passe, and may not go down well with the newly-weds of this generation.

It is also a common sight at marriages to find perfectly dressed people handling those gifts wrapped in glimmering papers, with great care. However, an experience has to be gifted. Technology has opened newer gifting ideas during such occasions. Since gadgets are drool-worthy to anyone, the next time you attend a wedding or its reception, choose from the list of Zebronics gadgets that become the ideal gift for the groom and the bride draped in their best ever for the occasion



Post-wedding day is a leisurely time for the couple to unbox all the presentations solicited. The eagerness to know what is in the boxes is natural. Live up to their expectations by gifting ZEB-PG8000 – an amazingly cool looking Power Bank from Zebronics. These silver and gold colored power banks can come to the rescue when battery is dying in their mobiles. The slim devices have a capacity of 8000mAh, dual USB ports, LED indicators and more.


Zeb Fit

It is not uncommon to see newly weds prostrating before the elders, seeking their blessings. The elders bless the couple to stay hale and hearty for the rest of their lives and to live long. Blessings alone aren’t suffice, gift them the all new Zebronics’ ZEB-FIT100. Let this be your way of blessing, for their long and healthy life. The band keeps them abreast of the number of calories burned and distance covered. Available in vivid colors, the fitness bands can be the best gifting option if the bride and groom are tech-savvy.



“Life is like music,” said a great man. It has its highs and lows, but is always like a beautiful song. A soothing music can relax the inner soul. Gift the couple a pair of Eternity headphones that boast of premium looks and output. They are elegant and stylish, and can easily impress the couple.



Amazer, a stylish and dashing bluetooth speaker, can be an ultimate gift you can give to the couples who love spending time listening to the music at home or outdoors. It isn’t just a speaker, it also lightens up the room and add to the home’s decor. It comes with one million colour combinations which run in synchronization with the played music.


24″ LED TV


The newlyweds are most likely to shift to a new home. Especially, the couples of this generation prefer privacy. This, however, burdens them as there arises a necessity to buy consumer electronics like TV. Unburden them by gifting 24’’ LED TV of Zebronics. As affordable housing is gaining popularity and flat sizes are crunching, a 24’’ inch LED TV will look well in sync with the size of the hall room. This TV shall also be a priced possession that you can gift them. And at a time when re gifting of products you gift is an issue, you can easily put a check to this trend by gifting a must-have product like an LED TV.


Wonder Bar

Wonder Bar, the Sound Bar from Zebronics will prove to be a beautiful gift you can gift the couple on their big day. Sound bars, of late, have been in so much of demand. The black and slim Wonder Bar with its premium looks can easily win you some brownie points if gifted to those getting hitched. It promises very clear vocal features. The wall mountable device also boasts of in-built FM, Bluetooth and earphone compatibility.


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