Writing with a Mechanical twist

Your life is between the black and white, between communicating, conversations, corporate emails, reminders and more than 1000 word project proposal documents that have to be  PDF’ed and emailed almost every day.

Mid-mornings have you multi-tasking so much you need that extra cup to survive another weekday. You’re either on your phone typing away or you’re switching between your mailbox to your documents scanning those words in precision that you’ve furiously typed on your normal keyboard.

The experience of typing slowly and taking time to savor the experience as your forefathers did on a precious piece of typewriter rusted in a few places but still the most preferred way of writing or the mere joy of pressing a key and hearing that click sound is gone. The keyboard that you currently type on has had a long history until it came to being and it only got upgraded from then on. Keyboard is the only interface that you use to communicate where a string of characters become a word.



To bring back that experience with a good dose of nostalgia are our Mechanical Keyboards. You’ll feel a fleeting joy when you press its keys and hear that clicky sound to give you the ultimate pleasure of writing on it.If you’re a heavy desktop user, the Mechanical keyboard is an absolute must because of its mechanical keys which make key press gentler helping in overall efficiency and you can write even better with improved accuracy which will, in turn, make work a pleasure and you will not feel fatigued typing over a long duration. We still think you’ll fall in love that you may just finish additional work due to this feature.

Zebronics Max Keyboard

Since Mechanical Keyboards are heavy and are priced higher than your average keyboard it’s still a value for money deal considering the benefits. It’s value-worthy because of its mechanical keys and it’s build that is meant to last really long making typing a cakewalk,it will not move an inch from your table even if your cat pounces on it. What’s even better is that when you write you’ll gain better accuracy with zero error and this eventually with set the rhythm of writing quickly and precisely.

With a higher build, and keys that can take a beating. If you love an extra added features, you’ll love like when that this comes exclusively back-lit with rainbow LEDs which can be controlled and when things get a little too monotonous your keyboard can make that boring desk a little more lively with its 7 modes.

Zebronics Max Plus Keyboard


If you’re going to be chained to your desk or your personal computer at home, make the experience worth savoring by buying a mechanical keyboard, that will give you that tactile feedback and good accuracy resulting to better writing and who knows it may enlighten you up as well.


Here are a few ways you can get your writing game on with Zebronics Mechanical Keyboards.

Zebronics Max Plus

  • Tactile feedback with the click sound and feel
  • Writing Accurately
  • Increase your number of words per minute
  • Heavy built for stable writing/ typing/ gaming
  • Back lit with rainbow LEDs
  • Longer life, highly durable switches to take the beating
  • Long braided cable with high-quality USB connector
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