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Friends that help you stay the course of fitness

If you have the term ‘get fit’ chalked under the goals segment then we’ll help you get started on the getting fit regime. Friends, they have an influence on you but the friends we’re suggesting may only help you keep your regime on throughout the year however, it all boils down to your mental health and the will to keep moving ahead even when you feel like giving up. If you’re likely to begin your fitness journey or have your…

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6 Habits you should live by in 2019

Every new year brings the joy and enthusiasm of beginning new things and improving ourselves in all spheres of life from friendship, goals, all things professional and personal. Everyone jumps on to the resolution brandwagon, and clearly starting something new does feel good but this year we’re going to focus on bettering ourselves mentally and physically for the long term. Since everyone is prepped for the new year with much gusto, we too have come up with a list of…

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Be a Santa, this Christmas season

We’re counting down to the Christmas season, where the streets are filled with fairy lights. The winter is slowly setting in and you prefer piping hot chocolate, food and of course family bonding time over anything else. This is the season when the Christmas tree is set out with its tiny little decorations and the balconies are hung with stars making the cold nights look even more beautiful. Even the telly has many Christmas themed movies making it a perfect…

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Thoughtful gifts for your Employees

Employees are an integral part of the company whether its multitasking, meeting project deadlines or helping your companies grow. Providing recognition, praise and even thoughtful gifting will empower employees to make a difference to the organization.   The process of picking gifts can get cumbersome with umpteen options available in the market Gifting however necessary can get very confusing with every product doled out like a must have gift for your employees but what takes the final cut here is…

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Going techy, this Diwali

India gears up for Diwali like no other festival, even the offices and their mini cubicles are decked with lights along with pre diwali employee contests, and the best part is getting that leave to travel back into those narrow roads and visit your hometown to celebrate the festivities with your family and friends. There is no feeling like homecoming that too with the familiarity of the flavors food and customs. The flavorful aromas from the kitchen or the odd…

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Checklist for long trips

Long winding roads that take you to pins and bends, the drizzle of the rains and the cold winds, everywhere you see is a waterfall as you cuddle up to your warm sweater. A lot of us want to go for a vacay like these where the only thing visible is greenery and fluffy clouds on the horizon while you beckon that long vacay with your friends. But before every vacay comes the most difficult part of packing. You want…

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Let it be a weekend or at work, at the dinner or while I’m  just whiling away time; I love humming tunes in my head and music is just everything I need to survive on. I always feel that music lovers like me struggle to survive among the others. Sometimes, others look at us like we’re weirdos who are always humming tunes, doing head bobs and everyone  around is judging us like “What is wrong with this human?” Here I’m…

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