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Perfect House Party for New year's

Everyone is busy planning for the new year 2020, buying diaries, marking calendars and there’s a sense of excitement in the air. While other people are busy planning to line up, spend hefty amounts on new year’s eve to go out; there are a few who ace at hosting their house party with maximum entertainment with their selected group of near and dear ones. If you are planning to host an epic house party then here’s a list you could…

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Best Gifts for Christmas

December brings its cold breeze, hot fritters, warm hot chocolate amidst the change in the environment. Since it’s the last month of the year preparations for Christmas even earlier from soaking the raisins and you can faintly hear near and dear one’s caroling and stars that are tied down to the shops and balconies of homes.The office Christmas celebration is a different ordeal where everyone gets merrier because of a game where almost everyone that takes part in the game…

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Diwali Gifting Done Right

The month of October is a sheer blessing because it partly does remind you about nearing the end of the year and the festivals that are coming by and the holidays when you can be away from college hostel or work to the warm indoors of your house with your family gathered around.  The activities begin first with deep cleaning the house from living rooms to balconies everything is tackled in an organized manner. The cleaning may take a week…

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The joy of festivities

Music is synonymous as it gives every festival a charm and when it’s about Ganpati Bapa’s birthday it’s celebrated with must gusto following traditional dance and singing. It’s a festival where not just kids but people from all walks of life gather as a community to bring the festivities home. India is known for its larger than life festival celebrations and sound is a humongous part of it. It’s not just a family event the entire community is involved with…

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Dedicated to all types of friends

The awkward phase in school could easily be conquered when a total stranger turned in to a best friend for life. Every situation in your life had umpteen number of friends that stood by you and gave you strength when things went tumbling over. Best friends stand the test of time from fights to miscommunications they always find a way to resolve and rise above it.    Through the course of life there will be many friends that become when you…

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Take the party indoors!

Home is a different feeling altogether, where you can ease up mentally sit in your favorite corner and have the day roll just the way you want to. In any weather, the being at home feeling surpasses any other while you’re sipping on some hot cuppa coffee or just gazing away but then being at home can get monotonous. So here are a few tips to stay in and have a blast right at your home with some music, movies,…

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Best Gifts for Super Dad's

It takes a day like Father’s Day to remind us about the sacrifices that our fathers have made to help get to where we are. With increasing timelines, workload and the busy schedule, we forgot to acknowledge the struggle that our fathers go through only to see us climb the ladder successfully.  He would have easily walked a mile in a pair of his old shoes just to buy you a new pair, just to see that ultimate glee on…

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