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From someone picking up crayons for you when it fell down to mocking every misspelled word you ever said. They always finish your lunch ka dabba first and shout “Present Mam” on a proxy attendance. We have been cherishing, collecting beautiful moments of joy, embarrassment, and pain with our friends. “Friendship day” as a tradition is a day dedicated to giving these special people in our life a gesture of love and acknowledgment with colorful bands, this friendship day go…

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Gadgets under 1000 rupees

Everybody loves a good bargain and, when it all about buying or gifting gadgets the craze is all the more. If you’re buying a cool gadget for yourself or gifting someone else and all in under your budget, we can make that happen real quick. If you’re looking at a range of products that come within 1000 Rupees, then here is our list of top 6 products that are worth your money. BT Speakers Portable speakers are muchly needed for…

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The Party Planner

Hey, people, it’s Sam here again! I’ve been working all week but this weekend I’ve got my party mode on and the party animal inside me is raging to host my friends to a wonderful in-house party. Apart from hosting a party, I’m also going to share some of my house party trends with you guys so that you make way to one hell of a weekend because it’s time we threw the small talk out the window and spent…

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Gadgets every music lover deserves

“When music hits you feel no pain” said Bob Marley and how rightly he said so Because music brings memories alive and in doing so you can teleport to the past where time stood still. This world music day we’re bringing the best of gadgets for music lovers out there but before we dig into that let’s take a look at why we have a day for music. The music week Fete De La Musique meaning (festival of music) or…

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For the man without a cape

Your superhero doesn’t wear a cape, in fact, he doesn’t even wear a mask. You leave the lights in the room open, you’ll get a good dosage that even an environment class session would not have taught you in school. Also because dads are dads they find the proximity and the balance of being the good man with the smirk of a villain. This father’s day, reverse the roles, make him a cuppa coffee and add a little more dose…

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Building your gaming rig

If you’ve grown up with video games, you can truly relate when you can forget reality even for a few hours. The virtual world has a calling, where you can build your strategy plot your way and conquer the world. Being a gamer is difficult, you want your gaming space to look different and feel rather spectacular with the best build style and features. Don’t worry, as we have you covered with the best in terms of build, aspects, style…

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