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Types Of Work From Home Dads

Well ever since the world has gone on a lockdown people have gone from balancing their work life, home chores and personal life and still having that family time at the end of the day. With Father’s day just around the corner, here are a few ways to give your dad the best of the best while he works extra hard at doing his duties. We’re listing below the perfect gifts you can get your dad on Father’s day Project…

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Which Music Type Are You?

From recollecting songs that play in your head during exams to abrupt life situations that make you hum around the background tune. Music holds every piece of you at every stage from recollecting a song that you’ve played during climbing up the mountains, the one where your entire gang sang together and brings your deepest memories to life. Yes, we may have been on a lockdown with social restrictions and the responsibility to keep not only ourselves but others safe…

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Everyday Superhero

What a better way than to contribute your time to help out your mum during the lockdown. If you’re not able to while you’re busy working from home. It falls on a Sunday so that you can focus on making moments special. It’s time for us to thank our daily superhero who works daily even during lockdown from making your favorite food to sanitizing the space and taking care of everyone’s health requirements. Here are a few ideas that can…

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Social distancing with a home routine

Most people across the world have been told to maintain distance to prevent the spread of the Co-Vid 2019 virus. While a few states are curbing the virus spread through a lockdown of malls, theatres, religious places, museums. Travels and public transports have also seen a depletion of people. If you’re maintaining social distancing either via working from home or hardly stepping out then here are a few activities you can do to make the productive use of that time. 7…

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How to Choose the Perfect Soundbar for Your Home

Soundbars have been in the market for quite some time and they’re all the rage because of their smart yet fuss-free design that makes the entertainment experience larger than life. Looking at the best soundbars for your living room? There are more options with soundbars offering quality surround sound to offering Dolby digital sound. Looking to buy the right kind of audio to enrich your entertainment experience? Then look no further as this article should help you choose the perfect…

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Celebrate This Holi With Zebronics Party & DJ Speakers

The season of winter slowly turning into spring and everywhere you look there is plenty of color and greenery and what better way than the festival of spring or Holi. The markets are filled with tiny packets of colors and water pumps, the colony association is plotting a grand event to bring the members together where kids to the elders all enjoy the tradition and celebrate spring in full might. There are colors in plenty, a better day to tease…

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Best Portable Wireless Speakers In 2020 For Any Occasion

Long days filled with work, appointments, meetings can get super stressful and it’s only during that commuting that you can catch your breath ease up. Add the right audio gear and you’ll dance through the stress and unwind faster. For the long hours you’ve spent, for that ease of space in your mind and to put you back in charge or help you relax and when the music hits you just right is a different feeling altogether. So pause life…

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