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Take the party indoors!

Home is a different feeling altogether, where you can ease up mentally sit in your favorite corner and have the day roll just the way you want to. In any weather, the being at home feeling surpasses any other while you’re sipping on some hot cuppa coffee or just gazing away but then being at home can get monotonous. So here are a few tips to stay in and have a blast right at your home with some music, movies,…

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Best Gifts for Super Dad's

It takes a day like Father’s Day to remind us about the sacrifices that our fathers have made to help get to where we are. With increasing timelines, workload and the busy schedule, we forgot to acknowledge the struggle that our fathers go through only to see us climb the ladder successfully.  He would have easily walked a mile in a pair of his old shoes just to buy you a new pair, just to see that ultimate glee on…

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5 things gamers want you to know

Online games cannot be paused Online matches are big commitments, they’re not just a game there is commitment level involved and when you’ve managed to get the entire team online, it cannot be changed. The game can’t be paused and there is seriously no point of you asking us to pause our games or have a conversation exactly the minute we put our earphones on to play the match, it bugs the hell out of us! There is a reason…

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If you're a music lover you'll relate to this

Music, a 5 letter word that’s not just a feeling, it’s an emotion perhaps like a time capsule holding each delicate memory right from your childhood to your present day. You’ll carefully recall an event associated with a piece of music that you could connect like for instance that farewell song from school while you were departing from school to adulthood. The very first freshers day in college was a refreshing change you may even remember the songs to or…

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How to make things special this V-Day

V-day is just around the corner and in no time your social media feed will be filled with photos, love quotes and all kinds of heart images with mentions of soulmate here and there. It is the day where roses become expensive and even the radio has a curated playlist filled with love songs. It’s true that one does not need a specific day to celebrate their love for the person, but catching up in the humdrum of life where…

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Friends that help you stay the course of fitness

If you have the term ‘get fit’ chalked under the goals segment then we’ll help you get started on the getting fit regime. Friends, they have an influence on you but the friends we’re suggesting may only help you keep your regime on throughout the year however, it all boils down to your mental health and the will to keep moving ahead even when you feel like giving up. If you’re likely to begin your fitness journey or have your…

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6 Habits you should live by in 2019

Every new year brings the joy and enthusiasm of beginning new things and improving ourselves in all spheres of life from friendship, goals, all things professional and personal. Everyone jumps on to the resolution brandwagon, and clearly starting something new does feel good but this year we’re going to focus on bettering ourselves mentally and physically for the long term. Since everyone is prepped for the new year with much gusto, we too have come up with a list of…

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