5 ways to unwind: Blending music with yoga

You wake up to a blaring sound of a bell, and that daily 9-5 routine makes you even more stressful. The addiction to Caffeinedoes not necessarily kick start your day any better,so what can you do?Make friends with instrumental music my friend and your concentration levels will increase and you’ll accomplish every daunting task on that to-do list.

Live a little slowly

Change your alarm tone, if it’s blaring and only going to spike your bad mood on. A gentle tone will not only make your mood but also put you in the right state.

Listen to music in the shower while you relax

Portable speakers are magical, put your favorite song on close your eyes and stand in the shower. We’d suggest you to unwind with some soothing music first and then proceed to your favorite music

Yoga with music

Take 5 minutes off your schedule, find a quiet place dim the lights, burn a few aroma candles put some soothing music inhale and exhale slowly. Switch off your phone and sit quietly observing your thoughts and breathing in with the ambiance sound of the rains.


When you find it difficult to concentrate on the body postures, use light music, that will help you focus only on yourself while stretching. There is a collection of music available to help you gain concentration for your early or late Yoga asanas

Work stretches

When you’re at work and glued to your desk for long hours try a few basic yoga stretches that you can sit and do which could include bending the neck side to side or rubbing your hands together and then covering the eyes. Also if those long hours at work tire you keep a few chant mantras on your phone or any alpha music that will help you to concentrate better on the task.

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