5 things gamers want you to know

Online games cannot be paused

Online matches are big commitments, they’re not just a game there is commitment level involved and when you’ve managed to get the entire team online, it cannot be changed. The game can’t be paused and there is seriously no point of you asking us to pause our games or have a conversation exactly the minute we put our earphones on to play the match, it bugs the hell out of us!

There is a reason why we love RGB’s

It’s in the quiet of the night is when the games call. There is peace that the night brings, when it comes to playing and the ultimate feeling of being a gamer only elevates looking at my PC build setup and the rgb enabled keyboard and mouse range. When it’s time to play we’re teleported to the battlefield to win!

The headphone with a mic

It’s a classic that you don’t want toplay and wake the entire household with a speaker that exactly where the importance of good gaming headphones come in. We know that any regular headphones would do, but when it’s gaming you want to hear every step, every move and even communicate with your team online and actually be heard about your very next move.

Our spaces are sacred

Our work desks/play area is the one and only area where we sit to breathe day in and out. The games brings one alive. The desk set up has taken all the energy in the world to fit in the best components so that I can always look to it calling it my personal space where I eat, live and breathe games.

Customization Max

I like my preferences, and to be able to set those preferences while gaming is a different feel. As a gamer, I get the ultimate power to choose and customize my devices to my comfort and the ability to do that turns every gaming challenge into a victory.

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