5 Essential Gifts for Mother's day

In the riddle of life, you and your mum have had quite a many adventures, sometimes you’ve spent hours laughing, sometimes there were fights with ups and downs in life. But all that you are and will be you truly owe it to your mother. To celebrate those tiny little moments cherishes the bond that you share here are a few gifts that will make your mum feel extra special.

Gifting can become a little difficult for mother’s day with the tremendous options available, but we’re here to help you pick the best gifts that will help truly cherish the bond between you and your mum.

Make her feel special

Music will make her cherish this memory for life and you can earn some brownie points for the impression.

Best surprise on a mother’s day is to keep your mum out of the kitchen and make her a delish of a meal, even if you can only make instant noodles, that is. You could set up the table, have her take the seat along and serve up as a chef. I’m sure she will enjoy that quaint little mini date with you and the portable speaker playing her favorite song in the background will be just the right setting.

Getting active

With fitness band, you can easily keep a track of her health and get to spend some fun time too.

Many times as a child, you became finicky about food preferences and your mom would toil hard to make you eat your vegetables in interesting ways. There have been many occasions where the strong pillar of your home; your mum would put her family needs above her own needs and health. It’s time for you to look after her, and by that, we mean, don’t just schedule her health checkup and appointments, get her a Zeb Fit 500 fitness band and take out time to go walking to the grocery shop or enjoy a round of badminton.

To-do lists

You can delete at a mere press of a button which means saving paper and ink.

If your mom’s the head of the finance department at your home meaning she’s mostly budgeting or keeping count of the expenses of your house or keeping a count of the stock and can still dole out time to give you ample advice on saving money then we have a special recommendation for her. You should gift her an LCD writing pad which is super light and portable that comes with a stylus which smoothly glides through the screen when you write.

Freedom, in a true sense

A mum gets too many calls from important client calls to calls from the vegetable vendor, If you see her constantly stressing out on calls you should gift her a BT headset which will give her the ease of taking calls at the press of a button.

The all in one

Many times, the mum that can do it all also requires something that can help her keep up her game in multitasking strong. The mom who does it all also should get a gift that can do it all. You can gift her a power bank which can fit into her purse which can do it all and watch her make the most out of her productive time with watching DIY episodes or learning a new skill.

If you liked this article and want more recommends do let us know in the comment section below.

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Ahmed Faisal
Ahmed Faisal
2 years ago

Great blog, Wishing a belated Happy Mothers Day!

shabir hussain
shabir hussain
2 years ago

Mother is a special gift from God. She definitely deserves a small token of appreciations from their loving ones.
Thanks for making Mother’s day special gifts.

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