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    Turn on your weekend mode

    The best part about weekends is no blaring alarms, lazing around in your home while the traffic and car remain distant in the scene. Weekends are meant to be celebrated when your entire week goes completely in a mundane manner. When you’re on a friday mood Saaa…tuuurr….daaaay finally How did it become sunday already? And just around sunday evening when that eerie feeling of monday creeping in Waking up on a Monday is always well When the caffeine kicks in…

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    Celebrating Holi

    In the olden days a beating of the drum would signify the audience to gather as the kings  announcement was carefully read. Sound plays a big role whether it is for…

  • Zebronics

    Different types of people on Valentine’s Day

    February, while the earth still wakes up from its slumber from winter as the sun rays gently pours making  its way towards season change. Everything looks afresh and new, the moods…

  • The art of corporate gifting

    Festivals, celebrations even milestones call for a gifting something extra special to your employees. Corporate gifting has become a trend to add a little more value not just to the employee…

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    How to choose the best gaming headphone

    Sound is an important essence to understand a character, a situation and judge the scenario and when it gaming sound plays a main component to bring the game together. Sound is…

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    10 things gamers relate to

    If you’re a gamer you will truly relate to this !   When one last game becomes an all nighter When you believe that your game is jinxed When your mum…

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    5 ways to follow your heart, this new year

    The first week of January is perhaps the most anxiety filled one as we progress into the future and wrap up our pasts. The day we take resolutions only to break…

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